Culinary Cuisine by the team of Main Event-Mauzone Catering” Kosher Supervision under The Orthodox Rabbinical Council of Broward and Palm Beach Counties


Jerry Abramson’s experience spans since 1986 in Passover resorts and kosher catering. Jerry, along with his culinary team, work to create the perfect Passover menu each year.   The MatzaFun master chef’ is unsurpassed in culinary expertise.

The gourmet cuisine serves ONLY Chasidisha Shechita, Glatt kosher, Cholov Yisroel, and Shmura Matza. Gebrokts and non-gebrokts are served to accommodate all needs. Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables are served at every meal. This is the ONLY Passover program serving aged prime beef, the same choice cuts served at the finest kosher steak houses and best kosher New York restaurants.

MatzaFun Tours offers special cuisines for our health-conscious guests. Guests may request our “South Beach Diet” or our “Low Carb Diet” options. Let us know your needs when making your reservation.

Guests waken each day to a sumptuous breakfast buffet filled with a luscious array of hot and cold entrees. During chol hamoed and Yom Tov, culinary staff prepares omelets made to order in the dining room. A typical breakfast menu might offer:

matza brei, freshly flown-in smoked fish, blintz soufflé, Eggs Florentine, Potatoes O’Brien, cheesecake, fresh muffins, fresh fruit & yoghurt bar, in addition to the omelets made to order.

Shabbat and Yom Tov lunches offer fleshig and parve entrees. Chol hamoed dairy lunches are served buffet style. Pizzas and milk shakes made to order have been popular with the entire family. Either fleshig or parve box lunches are available during chol hamoed. Typical lunch menus might include:

rainbow trout with avocado moussiline, lasagna, eggplant moussaka, stuffed portabella mushrooms, potato soufflé, frittatas, elaborate fresh fruit & salad bar.

All dinners are fleshig but offer vegetarian and fish entrees. BBQ’s become a special event for great family food and fun. Jerry’s “Potato Bar” is a big hit with the crowd. The finest wines and liqueurs from around the world are always served. Sample dinner menus might include:

chopped liver appetizer, seven onion soup, breast of duckling with Montmorency cherry, veal with sautéed wild mushrooms, baby Cornish hen with quinoa stuffing and Turkish apricot sauce, tiramisu, baked Alaska. For Shabbat traditional dishes are added like kishke, cholent and kugels.

The children’s dining room is open before each Yom Tov and Shabbat. Popular kid-friendly menus are offered. Dinner might include hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, fried chicken, fresh fruit and vegetables, and several desserts.

Matzafun’s elaborate ocean view tea room lavishly stocked with healthy snacks, fruits, frozen delicacies, and sweets. Hot and cold beverages are available. It’s the perfect stop during the day or night to get caught up or meet new friends.

We make every effort for special dietary requests such as vegetarian, diabetic, low sodium and non-gluten. Please let us know ahead of time how we can meet your needs. Birthday and anniversary cakes are available too.